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[edit] Suggestions for Cue Flash

Let's take as an example a simple vocab deck that is shared and used by a number of individuals--say friends @ school, or classmates.

[edit] Review Deck

If I could select a group of, say 10, decks and combine them into one deck for an end-year/mid-year exam that would be awesome!

[edit] Tab between cards

When adding cards to a deck, it would be amazing if you could use the tab key to jump from the front of a card to the back and then to the next card. Seconded. Done.

[edit] Multi-User Contributions

As all decks are multi-user by definition it would be nice to see entries, or edits, by users.

[edit] Contributions By Date

Show me recent changes to this deck.

[edit] Text on two lines

I have noticed this on the back, it may happen on the front as well. When text is entered as:

Line 1

Line 2

It shows up on the card as "Line 1 Line 2" Can this be changed?

[edit] Accents

It would be really helpful for making language flash cards if there was a pull down menu for accented letters.

[edit] Vocab Deck Specific:

it would be good if there was a way to look through the deck in either direction--by looking at the back of your card and testing yourself on the front as well as the current option of looking at the front and testing for the back.

[edit] Test using reverse side first

One thing I do with real flash cards is after I can do the front side, I turn them over and try to use the back to test the front. Can this be added? Basically, it would be amazing if you could use the cards back to front. I second this. I third this. I fourth this, forsure. I fifth this. I sixth this. I seventh this. I eighth this.

Great idea.

this is very important to me too!!! could u pls make this happen!?!!!

[edit] Let me create cards with data on just one side

It's not unreasonable to create cards that consist of just vocab words and for which I shall add the definition later.

Is it reasonable to expect, or to allow, data only on side 2 of a card?

[edit] Show me only those cards with data one one side

If there are cards which contain, say, only a Vocab word on side 1 then I need a way to be able to find those cards and add data--in this case the definition--to side 2.

[edit] Link to Dictionaries

Shouldn't a user be able to suck data from a dictionary and not have to re-type data?

It would be really nice to be able to use a number of different dictionaries.

It would be super extra cool if the user could see the result of a definition lookup and select which definition to use...yeah that would be nice.

In any implementation a link to the definition should be created so that the source can later be cited.

[edit] Spell Check

C'mon please build in some kind of spell checking...something lacking on this wiki.

[edit] Multi-Dimensional Cards

iFlash lets you create cards with N-Sides. Is this useful?

[edit] Font Style

It would be really nice if there was a way to change the font size, so I could fit more information on a card. It has a tendency to cut off my sentences. A way to change the font style would be nice to.

Bold text===self quiz=== It would be great if after going through the deck once, if you could go through it again, but this time quizzing yourself on the other side of the deck.

[edit] Print out

If you could please make a feature that would give you a template to print one side of say 6 cards on a sheet of paper and then putting the sheet back in print the other side of the cards on the back of their corresponding card for easy cut out. This would be super awesome and let me study at school. Please make it happen!

this would be AWESOME!!! Need more room for the back side.

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